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why i am still a catholic kevin ryan marilyn ryan andre - why i am still a catholic is written for young catholics especially teenagers and college students unsure of whether or why to stay within the fold essays by celebrity clerics and laypeople provide personal testimonies that range from stunningly simple tv newswoman maria shriver why, why am i a byzantine catholic byzcath org - the following essays come from the hearts of real people some of them were baptized in the byzantine rite and have never thought of leaving it, amazon com why i am still a christian 9780826476982 - hans kung is a catholic priest in good standing however because of some of his unorthodox ideas such as questioning the infallibility of the pope he has been silenced as a theologian, sex abuse and the catholic church why is it still a story - as i rushed to gather up my notebook laptop and recorder i realized i had no idea what he was about to reveal but i had just gotten the answer to another question i am often asked why does the, the reformation is over protestants won so why are we - professor stanley hauerwas poses for a portrait in duke chapel at duke university andy mcmillan for the washington post, why are catholic bibles different about catholics - the catholic new testament canon is identical to that of the protestants other than some minor translation differences our difference lies in the contents of the old testament where we have tobit judith 1 and 2 maccabees wisdom sirach baruch and additions to esther and daniel, why protestantism has no visible catholic church - part of the content of the christian faith is the one holy catholic and apostolic church because that is one article of the church s creed concerning the church the westminster confession of faith reads the visible church which is also catholic or universal under the gospel not, why it matters that kate middleton can be catholic now - the true reason for the law plainly is anti catholic prejudice the wild idea that a catholic will be the mindless servant of the pope and therefore can t be a true patriot, religion and humanism why i am not a christian - religion and humanism the sophists to secular humanism he says somewhere that man is the measure of all things of the existing that they are and of the non existing that they are not, does jesus become the eucharist bread why can t - does jesus become the eucharist bread why can t protestants receive communion catholics think they have the most amazing altar call holy communion when we get up and walk down the aisle for the lord we believe we actually meet him in the flesh at the front of the church diane and i hugh have had independently many experiences with the holy spirit, babies can receive the eucharist in the catholic bridge - babies can receive the eucharist in the orthodox church why do catholic children have to wait we got an email that said is it true that in the catholic church children cannot participate in the holy eucharist, i m using birth control am i a bad catholic catholic - i spoke to a woman recently who i respect very much and who takes her faith very seriously she mentioned that she is on artificial birth control her husband is not a catholic and for him natural family planning nfp was simply not an option nor was he willing to have another child this woman, why have there been no catholic presidents since john f - it seems almost impossible to imagine now that john f kennedy s catholicism was a huge issue in the 1960 presidential campaign his victory in the democratic primary in west virginia a state, why can t non catholics receive communion - q why can t non catholics receive holy communion what if they say that they believe that it is the body and blood of jesus like we do what should we say to them a thanks for the question there are several reasons that non catholics cannot receive communion in the catholic church but, why are vietnam vets families still waiting for va - disabled vietnam war veteran bill czyzewski joins about 150 other disabled veterans in a 2016 cycling event at gettysburg pa although congress passed a bill to provide benefits for caregivers of, anglican catholic priest gay roman catholic seminaries - the shrinking cleric said father john i think the title gay roman catholic seminaries is inaccurate i think a better and less polemic title would be the problem and influence of homosexuality in roman catholic seminaries