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we are all different and we are all right elisabeth - how we are all different and it is all right elisabeth and her husband paul live in prattville alabama with three other rescue cats and four rescue dogs they have five children and five grandchildren, we re all different yet we re all the same what did you - we re all the same in that we all work the same way the very fact that we all observe and experience our life via the thoughts in our head demonstrates our sameness while our movies are different we the observers are of the same stuff, what s difference between we all are and we re all - if you understand that we re is a contraction for we are you are asking what is the difference between we all are and we are all but questions about english cannot be easily answered if there isn t a complete sentence which these aren t, differences which is preferable we are all or we - we are all is much more frequent than we all are in both the corpus of contemporary american english and in the british national corpus there are however some contexts where we all are would be used the answer to the question who is responsible might be we all are and not we are all, we are all alike we are all different - video written illustrated and narrated by calhoun kindergartners in honor of martin luther king jr s birthday january 2015 inspired by the book same title that was written in 1991 by a, we re different we re the same - we re different we re the same narrated to help teach about differences within people including disabilities good for preschool through second grade, we re different we re the same by bobbi kates goodreads - the picture book we re different we re the same by bobbi j kates is a great learning book for infants and toddlers it introduces the concept of differnt body fuctions and body details while also comparing and contrasting the details so that children could understand that we are all the same but different in our own way, why are we all different quora - we all share the same origin but different geographical and social conditions caused us to evolve a bit differently to each other that s why we have so diverse biology thorughout the world