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rocket propulsion elements george p sutton oscar - rocket propulsion elements george p sutton oscar biblarz on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the definitive introduction to rocket propulsion theory and applications the recent upsurge in global government and private spending and in space flight events has resulted in many novel applications of rocket propulsion technology, basics of space flight rocket propulsion - an overview of rocket propulsion including basic thrust equation engine design considerations and example problems, lecture notes rocket propulsion aeronautics and - along with the complete set of lecture notes the following readings were assigned in the class sutton george and oscar biblarz rocket propulsion elements new york ny wiley interscience 2000 isbn 0471326429 hill philip and carl peterson mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion upper, engine deck atomic rockets - stepped notches this amusing example of 1960 s style user interface design is from nuclear space propulsion by holmes f crouch 1965 this complements the pilot s console from the same book this design assumes that it is for a solid core nuclear thermal rocket, engine list atomic rockets - artwork by dean ellis for the last hurrah of the golden horde there is a nice basic overview of propulsion systems here you can spend lots of time researching spacecraft propulsion systems, energia super rocket russianspaceweb com - energia super rocket after canceling the development of the n1 moon rocket in 1974 the ussr did not give up the goal of building a super heavy rocket but starting with a clean sheet of paper it took more than a decade for the soviet engineers to field the energia rocket which made the two largely successful flights in 1987 and 1988