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hesiod theogony bryn mawr commentaries - bryn mawr commentaries provide clear concise accurate and consistent support for students making the transition from introductory and intermediate texts to the direct experience of ancient greek and latin literature, amazon com theogony bryn mawr commentaries greek - bryn mawr greek commentaries like a burger king hamburger are a well known and honored resource for the student they provide in this case richard hamilton provide a concise guide to the greek vocabulary, theogony by hesiod summary analysis study com - theogony does not have the literary value of the iliad or the odyssey because hesiod was not a poet as great as homer in some parts the book is a bit mechanical and repetitive with a list of, theogony edited with prolegomena and commentary by m l - theogony edited with prolegomena and commentary by m l west hesiod clarendon press 1966 459 pages 0 reviews from inside the book what people are saying write a review we haven t found any reviews in the usual places theogony edited with prolegomena and commentary by m l west hesiod snippet view 1966, hesiod theogony edited with prolegomena and commentary by - theogony is an epic poem that discusses the beginning of the world gods like chaos gaia and eros and the genealogy of the gods hesiod s work took all of the different mythologies spread among different regions of greece and turned them into one national narrative for the entire nation, theogony hesiod ancient greece classical literature - hesiod also suggested at this point that women in general were henceforth to be considered a curse on men zeus now established as king of the olympian gods first married the oceanid metis but in order to avoid a prophecy that any offspring of his union with metis would be greater than he zeus swallowed metis herself to prevent her from giving birth, women in theogony theogony blogs baruch cuny edu - richard taveras women in theogony hesiod was a greek poet who wrote his stories at around 700 b c at the time of his writing many writers viewed women negatively or in a hostile way, personal commentary on hesiod s classical mythology 5 ed - fictional not real in theogony of hesiod offering advice to his brother perses who through trickery got hold of most of the family farm though hesiod is the elder and we assume from what he says the better farmer